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Hi, I’m Vip! I’ve spoken on topics ranging from science to marketing, at events around the globe.

I’ve been invited to present on stages alongside industry leaders ranging from Silicon Valley pioneers & Nobel Laureates to recording artists & professional athletes.

Some highlights of my experience:

  • International tech & science speaker, 2× TEDx-er
  • Created web & mobile apps that have reached over 30M users.
  • Managed over $1 million in digital marketing budget.
  • Designs featured in Newsweek, VICE, DailyMail, and more.
  • Contributed to Business Insider, Huffington Post
  • Featured in Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, NPR, & more
  • Arizona 35 Under 35, Class of 2016

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Vip Sitaraman

Meaningful insights + real-world strategy.

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Created web/mobile apps used by 30M+ people. Insights from a seasoned product designer working at the intersection of art and code.

E.g. Ethics of AI, Bias in UX

Creativity & Design

Principles, trends, & techniques from the designer of graphics featured in VICE, Newsweek, DailyMail & more.

E.g. AI & Creativity, Tech for Non-Techies

Science & Research

Published scientist, earned degree in Molecular & Cellular Biology at age 18. Invited to notable events around the globe (e.g. World Foum in Biology, Lindau-Nobel Meetings).

E.g. Science communication, biomedical research

Marketing & Media

Managed over $1M in digital marketing. Grew an online media brand to 12M monthly readers. Real-world strategies that have generated tangible results.

E.g. Future of Content, Strategies to Outlast Algorithm Changes

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Browse videos & summaries from selected topics & events I’ve spoken on below.

Will human creativity survive automation & AI? — TEDxBend

The rise of mobile-web and social media ushered in an era of content creation like never before, putting the power of creatorship at the literal fingertips of almost every digital citizen.

Yet just as quickly, for the first time, technology is encroaching from the realm of efficiency, into that of creativity. Take, for instance, news publishing: robot writers & algorithmically-curated newsfeeds have automated the entire process from ideation to distribution.

While automation’s implications for the economy & job markets are well-explored, the ethical dilemma & broader consequences of removing the human element to creativity are often overlooked. Today, it’s in the hands of technologists & engineers to guide the future of creative fields

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The Future of Content: Experience — MDMC 2019

As the Internet evolved into a tug-of-war for market share of attention, humans have adapted. The human attention span is now less than that of a goldfish: dropping from 12 seconds at the dawn of the new millennium, to just 8 seconds in 2016. That comes as no surprise; we take in 34 gigabytes of information, outside of work, every day. Sorting through clickbait and ads has worn out human patience, producing a generation of word skimmers and information winnowers. To adapt to evolving behavior, big media annually invests over $4.1 billion to develop novel approaches to capture readers’ attention…

A Dangerous Gap Between Science & the Public — TEDxGCU 2019

Scientific discoveries are all around us and govern many of the decisions that we make in our everyday lives. What if you found out that many of these so-called discoveries are not actually true? Much of the general public is vastly separated from the actual discoveries of science and many scientists are unable to do valuable research because of lack of funding.


Revolutionizing Digital Content — NBA All-Star Weekend BIG Summit by Baron Davis (2018)

Two-time NBA All-Star & serial entrepreneur, Baron Davis presented The BIG (Business Inside the Game) Power Summit, an invite-only series of highly-curated summits, workshops, and immersive experiences utilized explore how to create real business and social impact. Invited to present on trends & the future of digital media on behalf of Explica, Inc.

Panelists include: rapper, actor, producer, ICE CUBE, NBA All-Stars Chris Paul and NBA Hall-Of-Famer David Robinson, co-founder & president of Lyft, John Zimmer, billionaire financiers & philanthropists, Robert V. Smith and Gary Winnick, and more.

Science Communication, through Visuals — ARCSCon 2015

Advancing Research Communication & Scholarship (ARCSCon) is a a conference designed to engage key stakeholders in the scholarly communication system. Awarded a travel/lodging scholarship to attend & briefly present on the latest SciComm trends, on behalf of Draw Science.

The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings 2015

Invited to the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting: an interdisciplinary meeting that brings together young scientists with Nobel Prize Winners. Awarded a generous stipend, travel
& lodging expenses to represent Draw Science at the 2015 Conference in Lindau, DE.