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Vip has an incredible ability to take complex, disparate information and distill it into beautiful, easy-to-follow visuals that make the user experience seamless. Rarely do you find someone who “gets it” on the first try.

Phoenix N.This. My Tribe.

Vip was highly responsive and remarkably proficient at executing our vision. We were delighted with the final product. We continue to share it with our readers as often as possible.

Jamie V.American Scientist

Huge thumbs up working with Vip. The combination of responsiveness and quality of work has been phenomenal. Really like his mix of design skill and business understanding. One of those people who just "gets it" no matter what you ask for. He's been a huge find for us!

Joseph P.Motimatic

Vip’s talent and insight surpassed our expectations. He assisted us to clarify and deliver a concise message. He was easy to work with, very responsive and gave excellent feedback. We look forward to continue to work with him on future projects. He has my highest recommendation.

Maryam R.StemStix

I have been working with Vip for the past year on a variety of projects, from web design to graphics, and so much more. It's always a pleasure to work with him. He is professional, attentive to detail, and delivers work in a timely manner. Finding him has been immensely beneficial...I look forward to working with Vip for years and years to come.

Devika S.ShipChain

Our project with Vip was a huge success. The insight he provided made all the difference and our customer feedback only confirms he knew exactly the message we were trying to convey. His communication and willingness to take extra time with us was very helpful. We will certainly be using him again and you should too.

Joseph S.

Vip is great to work with. His experience is evident in how he understands what is being asked for and the feedback we have for him. Communication with him is great too.

Geraldine L.

We've contracted with Vip multiple times on numerous design projects. Regardless of scope, budget, or timeline, Vip ensures a fast turn-around, stellar customer service, and a jaw-dropping product. He is a designer I continue to recommend to my entire network!

Justin L.

Delivered Fantastic work. Met all deadlines and was very knowledgable and professional throughout the entire process and completed quickly. Will rehire again

Daniel P.
Bring your idea to life with

The power of the prototype.

A prototype allows anyone to tap and swipe through your app design (see examples here). Simulate your user experience & feature/functionality on any device. Perfect for demos to early adopters & partners.

Hi, I’m Vip! I’ve designed apps for organizations of all sizes, across industries: from high-growth tech startups, to publicly-traded Fortune 500 corporations. Apps I’ve designed have been used by tens of millions of people (over 30M) worldwide; examples include:

  • the client mobile app for a popular D2C dental startup,
  • an e-commerce marketplace for commodity trading,
  • learning management system (LMS) for youth athletics,
  • tablet video conferencing software for insurance reps,
  • an artificial intelligence (AI) system for predictive pricing
  • a popular news destination for sports & entertainment,
  • …and much more!

Impressed? Don’t be—amazing product design should be possible for every creator; that’s why I’m here to help your company drive tangible results with fairly-priced UI/UX design & expertise. My goal is always to build a fruitful & long-term partnership, and I look forward to a chance to create something amazing together!

PS. If you’d still like to to know more, I invite you to read more about me below:

Vip Sitaraman

Skills & Service

Much more than slick screens.


A results-based approach to product design, based on years of professional experience -- with proven results.


Modern, cutting-edge interfaces designed to drive engagement: make every pixel count.


A seamless flow carefully-crafted to guide your users to their (and your) desired destination(s).

Click to see more:

Engage users with captivating design.

Today, the average person spends over 24 hours per week on the Internet — across various websites & apps. Are you getting your share of screen time?

Proven results

I have designed & managed apps that have grown to over 12M monthly active users (MAUs): design strategy that you can trust to perform at-scale.

Insider knowledge

I’ve worked for leading minds in technology & design, from Fortune/Inc. 500 corporations to high-growth Silicon Valley startups.

Personal touch

No online forms, automated billing, and agency bureaucracy. From start to finish, work closely with 1 dedicated designer (me) to bring your vision & story to life—until you’re satisfied.

Captivating interfaces

A simple recipe for success — visually-engaging interfaces + concise & seamless interactions = unforgettable experiences.

Reliable turnaround

Get a stunning screens in as little as a few business days. Don't wait for weeks: transparent & quick turnarounds.

Transparent costs

Right from the start, you define your fixed-price budget and we work together to fit your needs. No hidden costs, no surprises—ever.


No meetings required — simply send your files, schedule a brief (optional) intro, and hit the road running.

Cross-disciplinary expertise

I’ve helped design game-changing apps for companies across industries: from B2C media / entertainment apps to B2B & Enterprise software.
App UI/UX design sample: Social - created by Viputheshwar Sitaraman

You’ve got one shot.

Attention spans are plummeting. Internet users are unforgiving. Make a sure-fire investment in your growth: stunning app design proven to captivate, across industries. Product design strategy & expertise you can trust, from Vip.


What do you do?

The short answer: I design an interactive prototype of your app idea.

Whether you’re starting from just an idea / concept, or want to improve an existing product, I can help.While the final product is almost always a prototype, some projects can benefit from additional steps (e.g. a UX flow diagram, feature list, wireframes), whereas others can skip directly to high-fidelity mockups. Point is, it’s a highly-customized & collaborative approach to produce the best possible final product for you.

My approach & understanding of application design is informed by experience collaborating with leading minds including publicly-traded companies & leading high-growth startups, as well as being product lead for multiple apps I’ve created. Apps I’ve developed have been used by tens of millions of people. For most clients, I serve as a product generalist with a focus on UI/UX.

How long does it take? How does pricing work?

The process varies based on complexity of the project — as mentioned earlier, some projects benefit from additional steps (e.g. UX flow map, wireframes). However, I can deliver on rush timelines as needed (I’ve handled as little as 24hrs notice).

There are no surprise charges with revisions, as I charge a flat fee, agreed upon before the start of work. For pricing details or to get a quote, get started here.

What industries do you cover? Do I need an app in my industry?

Apps aren’t just for hi-tech companies. I’ve helped design game-changing apps for companies across industries: from sports & entertainment, to commodities & research.

Digital transformation is continuing to sweep across industries, creating opportunities for new revenues & improved decision making / operational efficiency. Discover how an app can help unlock new possibilities for your business — get started here.

What kinds of apps do you design? Does it have to be mobile?

I design apps for all devices, whether it’s a…

  • Social app for smartphones,
  • One-page landing website,
  • Desktop enterprise ERP tool,
  • Fitness smartwatch app,
  • …or anything else you can think up!

Why does UI/UX design matter? What can a prototype do for my business?

In the words of Google’s UX guru—

“There are over 4 billion active smartphones in the world, and this is the Web they’re getting:”

Too often, business overlook the broader impacts of (not) designing pixel-perfect experiences to engage users on any device / screen.

Who creates the designs?

Me, Vip. No overseas outsourcing, no faceless team. I do 100% of the work myself — from the graphic design, to the strategy/research, and will be in direct contact with you throughout the process.

Can I see sample work?

As I’m sure you can understand, I can not share the entirety of the app designs I created due to the confidential nature of the IP & trade secrets therein described. I am committed to treating the intellectual property of every client with the respect & privacy it deserves.

Nevertheless, selected works of mine can be viewed at folio.sitaraman.vip; specifically, some apps I’ve created can be previewed here.