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It has been a pleasure to work with Vip. I trusted his process and he delivered with a level of execution that allowed me to also adopt to my work ethics. Looking forward to collaborate on future projects.

Raymond S. (Founder, EIG)

It has been refreshing to find an external collaborator who ‘gets it’ almost immediately despite the complexities and tangential distractions. Vip is a pleasure to work with, responsive, attentive with a talent to create visuals and messages that hit the point. The Aguagente team would thoroughly recommend him and enjoyed his participation.

Jean-Paul C. (Chairman, Aguagente)

Working with Vip is an absolute pleasure. He is knowledgeable, proactive and transparent which is a rare find in the digital space. He has exceeded my expectations and i would recommend him to anyone seeking his service.

Chris C. (Founder, Dealhouse)

I have been working with Vip for the past year on a variety of projects, from web design to graphics, and so much more. It's always a pleasure to work with him. He is professional, attentive to detail, and delivers work in a timely manner. Finding him has been immensely beneficial for our business needs, and I look forward to working with Vip for years and years to come.

Devika S. (Shipchain)

Vip was a pleasure to work with! Extremely efficient, delivered on time and at budget while adding creatively to the delivered product. We'll definitely work with Vip again.

Donald R. (Founder & CEO)

Our project with Vip was a huge success. The insight he provided made all the difference and our customer feedback only confirms he knew exactly the message we were trying to convey. His communication and willingness to take extra time with us was very helpful. We will certainly be using him again and you should too.

Joseph S. (President, Irontrax)

Viputheshwar was a pleasure to work with. Professional, detailed and very prompt. 5 Star Rating. Thanks Vip and continued success.

Mark H. (CEO, Instant Autographs)

VIP is a very competent and astute pitch deck designer. I appreciated the collaboration and proficiency immensely.

Sheryl H. (Founder, DepartSmart acq. by AIG)

Vip is fast, professional and detail oriented. He is now my go-to for help creating investor presentations.

Ezra E. (CEO & Founder)

Vip is great! I hired Vip on short notice to pull together an investor deck. He replied within hours, and got to work also in same lightning speed. He was all in, and fast. What is better is that he didn't want specific input for the first draft. We spoke of the business, he understood our space and tech generally, and that was good to go to draft a first cut that exceeded my expectations (that admittedly I was a bit skeptical of initially - in terms of approach - which was a good and efficient one). Once we had that draft, quick iterations and tweaks went well! Vip is your go to guy if in a pinch for a tech deck. It's polished and beautiful, as Vip also pays attention to the detail.

Ellen F. (CEO & Board Member)