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I have worked with Vip on several occasions over the past year. I have found his work to be of a very high quality, creative and professional. He responds quickly to requests and always delivers the product on time. I would work with him again and highly recommend him.

Poseidon R.; Founding Partner, HedgeLegal
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We are a small startup that needed help with our pitch deck. We discovered Vip, and we could not be any happier--Vip was absolutely amazing--a quick study, responsive, fairly-priced, positive demeanor, professional, and creative. In short order, he dove into our business and then quickly created a deck that only needed some fine-tuning, so that we were ready to pitch within a few short weeks. The effect was immediate. Nearly every potential investor commented on how clean and clear the deck was. We were so impressed with Vip's work that we immediately hired him to revamp our website, with a similar look and feel to the deck. Very impressive work! With Vip's deck, we successfully closed our A round, and will be working with Vip for our B round this year. Vip is a top class designer and I highly recommend him!

Mark B. (CBO, ViroMissile)

Vip did an amazing job and was extremely helpful for someone like me who is unfamiliar with the VC space. Amazing work! Highly Recommend!

Ekaterina G. (CMO/VP, Experian)

As the CEO of an innovative startup, Vital Start Health, I had the opportunity of working with Viputheshwar on pitch deck services through Enterprise Center accelerator in Philadelphia. It was breathtaking to see the pitch I had worked on for so many months, transformed through Viputheswar's work! Highly recommend his pitch deck services -- super fast and impressive and his quick grasp on the subject matter and presenting it to fit our design language and goals.

Kirthika P. (CEO, Vital Start Health)

Vip did an amazing job helping our early stage companies craft professional pitch decks. The process was very efficient and hugely beneficial to them in crafting concise stories and presenting pertinent information to audiences that included customers, partners, and potential investors.

Katie R. (Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation)

We worked with Vip on a deck presentation. Vip was great to work with - very accommodating, accessible and the end product was a success!

Allison F. (UNCAGED Innovations)

We had a fantastic experience working with Vip, and I would recommend him to anyone. His work was consistently excellent, and he provided it in a timely manner at a fair price. He is always very responsive on email, and he listened well to what we were looking for at various stages of our project.

Colin D. (YC W21, Forbes 30u30)

Vip is absolutely fantastic to work with—we worked together on a financing deck for a series A fintech company. He knew exactly what was needed and delivered on time and within budget. We're going to be working together again soon. Highly recommend giving working with him.

Roland S.

As an entrepreneur, finding a partner like Vip for professional graphic services has been invaluable. Selfishly, a part of me wants to keep him a secret as he is incredible at what he does. From start to finish, every trait you look for when hiring, he hits. He over communicates, responds with haste, patient in billing, and acts like a full time member of our team. I have raised millions of $ for businesses and VIP has played an instrumental role. We cannot recommend him enough.

Alex Witt, BattleBars

Vip is incredibly talented and autonomous. He is passionate about his craft, and you can immediately tell from his working style and quality of output. He's the type to anticipate your needs, come up with solutions and then drive it home with incredible pace and quality. Highly recommend!

Justin H.
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