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Vip is an absolute legend. Sometimes as a founder you get so 'in the thick of it' that you are unable to see your blind spots and need fresh new eyes on your project to give a new perspective on things. I was at the final stages of creating the latest version of my deck which I had been working on for weeks when I bit the bullet and listened to my intuition to get outside help and I couldn't be happier with the result. Vip took our assets and immediately got to work and gave us a fresh efficient approach to telling our brand story and business solution. He consolidated information to create a seamless flow that read well and was visually stunning. He took direction extremely well and was responsive, polite and innovative. His fresh new energy bought everything to light and was the final 10% we needed to get it to 100!! Needless to say I am extremely satisfied with the final result and would definitely recommend his talents to anyone who is needing that extra oomph to their investor deck. 5 Stars!

Lucie Dawson, TEMPLA
Vip Sitaraman - Verified Customer Review (September 2022) by Lucie D. from Australia
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