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Vip Sitaraman Reviews by Verified Clients

Read over 65+ LinkedIn verified reviews from Vip Sitaraman’s past clients: ranging from Forbes 30u30 alums to Fortune500 corporations.

Vip is absolutely fantastic to work with—we worked together on a financing deck for a series A fintech company. He knew exactly what was needed and delivered on time and within budget. We're going to be working together again soon. Highly recommend giving working with him.

Roland S.

Vip is a master at helping to hone, focus, and perfect a business message. We gave a pitch with a slide deck made by us. We had a confused audience who were trying to read our overly wordy and hodge podge deck and process what we were saying. We called in Vip for help. Now the comments and questions after we pitch are exactly what we hoped for. Our deck now matches our vision, highlights our expertise and makes us feel confidently polished. We were hesitant to hire professional help on a pitch deck given our lean budget. This was one of the best investments we have made. You cannot afford not to have a professionally made pitch deck and Vip was excellent, fast and someone we will contact again when we need help.

Nicolle H., My First Nest Egg

Vip is exceptional at taking complex information and distilling into easily understood concepts and designs. His work greatly increased our ability to effectively communicate our presentations to investors and customers. I would strongly recommend him.

Michael B., Altis Biosystems

Vip is an amazing person to work with, he made the process so easy and smooth. He designed a beautiful pitch deck to excite our future investor. He understands how critical of a tool a pitch deck is in raising money for a business. Vip gave great insight when developing the pitch deck, very hands on, easy to reach with questions, changes, or concerns. We felt confident in his ability to deliver an outstanding deck after our first meeting. You have life long customers with The Guilty Grape.

Nichelle N., The Guilty Grape

Vip is an absolute pleasure to work with. Blown away with his work, communication, and patience! I couldn’t recommend him more, he’s an absolute legend. Our deck came out better than expected and looking forward to working with him in the future

Joshua M., M&S Biotics

I’ve collaborated with Vip on a few strategic projects to date, with the most recent being the redesign of If you are looking for a digital strategist to bring your branding vision to life, I recommend you work with Vip and you’ll be glad you did.

Peter T., DualPrism

Vip helped our company to re-do our investor pitch deck. He did a great job! It was so much better than what we had before, in less than half the slides. His price was reasonable, and the quality and professionalism was very high. I highly recommend him and we've already hired him for our next sales deck presentation.

Nathan G., PodUp

As an entrepreneur, finding a partner like Vip for professional graphic services has been invaluable. Selfishly, a part of me wants to keep him a secret as he is incredible at what he does. From start to finish, every trait you look for when hiring, he hits. He over communicates, responds with haste, patient in billing, and acts like a full time member of our team. I have raised millions of $ for businesses and VIP has played an instrumental role. We cannot recommend him enough.

Alex Witt, BattleBars

Vip is incredibly talented and autonomous. He is passionate about his craft, and you can immediately tell from his working style and quality of output. He's the type to anticipate your needs, come up with solutions and then drive it home with incredible pace and quality. Highly recommend!

Justin H.

Vip does amazing work and is a consummate professional. He worked with us to create our first master deck for investors, gave excellent guidance, and accommodated our fast paced and busy schedule. I highly recommend!

Charles Askew; Co-founder & President, NabGen (UNC)

55+ Verified Customer Reviews of Vip Sitaraman ( pitch designer